Random Acts of Snow

I really love snow days.  (Insert sigh of contentment.)

Sure the girls are getting a little cabin fever and folks seem a bit put out that school’s been cancelled again and I really don’t want to lose my entire February break because we already made vacation plans but snow days.  Ahhh.

It’s like Christmas break without all the stress and strain of go-here-do-this-get-that.  It’s just time to be.  To stay home and drink a second cup of coffee in my pajamas.  To play games at the kitchen table and put together puzzles.  To eat soup and grilled cheese for every meal. (not that we did that.)

Sure I could be worrying about how I’m going to make up a week of lost instruction in this time crunch before testing.  How I’m going to get all the extra laundry we’ve gone through taken care of.  How I’m going to have to figure out some more structure for summer because otherwise the girls are going to drive me crazy fighting. (which they intersperse with regular intervals of curling up in the arm chair together to watch cartoons.)

Snow days remind me that sometimes we all just need to slow down.  I hope yours was a gift and not an inconvenience.  I pray it was a reminder that sometimes being trapped at home with no agenda is the breather we all need. (sigh again) 

Besides the bustle of normalcy will return all too soon.  And when it does, we’ll look back at these days with longing.

And thankfulness that rain boots were such a popular trend this year.


3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Snow

  1. beautiful post…so true! i did my best to appreciate not going anywhere for 4 1/2 days. We did escape on thursday for dinner at the mexican restaurant. other than that, didn't mind being snowed in…especially since josh was able to join us the first 2 days.


  2. We loved our long “snow break”! I'm kinda bummed that it's over and that they have to go back tomorrow. I really loved all the money we saved by being home too!


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