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Imperfectly Perfect

This is our beautiful Bradford pear tree just before it burst into full bloom a couple of weeks ago.

It doesn’t look like this now because all the wind and rain have washed away all the lovely pink and white-ness and left it all over my driveway and lawn and carport mat so it gets tracked into my house and makes a mess and I forget that I thought it was beautiful on the tree in the first place.

I took this picture a few weeks ago with the intention of writing up this post.

Then stuff got in the way.  You know.  Like play rehearsal.  And dishes.  Lots of laundry.  And Amelia’s thumb.  Oh, and reading the dozens of “books” my kindergartener brings home every Friday.  And watching movies of old TV shows with my girls.  And Belle’s birthday and lots of other important and memorable (but only to us) moments that have kept our lives consumed.  This is also why the second image for this post is this:

Because the trees are blooming and the sky is falling (or so it seemed at 5 a.m. this morning when the thunder woke everyone) and the grass is greener and the days are longer……

but there is still a Christmas wreath in my laundry room.  I hung it there to get it out of the way when I took it off the door.  In January.  After the big snow.  It’s still there. 

Why be perfect when it’s so much more fun to see all the imperfections make up a quirky random life?

Link up your imperfections at Capturing Motherhood and celebrate the undone to-do list, empty fridge, and rainy days.

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