madelynne · thankful Thursday

Thankful Madelynne Thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for Madelynne who always keeps us laughing.  I haven’t blogged about her a lot lately but just so you know, she’s gotten taller.  And wiser.  So she thinks.

The other day she was playing hide and seek with her daddy and he ran into the closet in our bedroom and shut the door.  Well, I was in there hanging up shirts.  Of course she and Belle started pounding on the door and yelling.  Finally, Madelynne said, “We better just leave them alone.  They’re in there being romantic.”

Then this afternoon she gave me a word problem.  “Mommy, if you have two squirrels and 100 more come scurrying up, how many do you have?”

She likes to challenge me, she says.  I told her the answer, but apparently she didn’t believe me because at dinner she asked her daddy what 100 plus 2 was.  When he told her 102, she replied, “Oh, I guess Mommy was right.”

Nice to know she has a lot of faith in my ability to count!

She also washed these dishes the other night because Joshua was gone and she said since Daddy was gone somebody had to wash the dishes. 

What am I going to do with her?

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