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Here It Comes

There are library books strewn across my kitchen table and bottles of nail polish in the living room.

Babies have been put to bed all over the house and the kiddie pool has just been emptied of it’s suntan lotion scented water–all over the deck.

We drank all the sweet tea yesterday, but there’s some adults-only lemonade left.

I think it’s summer.

Today is our first official day with no camps,  no post-planning, no daycare, no grandparents.  Just me and the girls. 

And the Tinsley boys because we went to Jazzercise and then graced Wendy’s in our workout clothes because Mary Lynn and I are cool like that.  Well, sweaty, really, but who cares?

It’s summer.

Madelynne at Jazzercise Camp

Time for the babies to sleep.

While we’ve been anticipating it’s arrival, we’ve also been planning for how we’re going to incorporate me back into a stay-at-home position that I haven’t occupied since Madelynne was smaller than Amelia.  So here’s a look at what we’ve been up to….

This is all the junk we took out of the office so we could take down our existing furniture and replace it with some sleekly modern IKEA finds.  This picture scares me even though all this isn’t still in the living room.

This is Madelynne and Mimi sorting all her kindergarten papers for her portfolio.

This is the old desk….I forgot what it looked like under all the clutter.  Do you want it?  It’s for sale. 

And this is the other desk that was “mine”.  Not really.  Really it was another place to gather clutter.  We’re working on that.

And this is Joshua putting the baby to sleep after a long day of furniture removal and assembly.  I think it’s sweet.

No, there’s no picture of the new furniture.  You’ll just have to be surprised.  Or wait until tomorrow because it’s current state is fantastic for Imperfectly Perfect Wednesday posts.

One thought on “Here It Comes

  1. YAY for summer and organizing anything! I've been busy cleaning out cabinets and closets since Jay is backpacking this weekend. I love the picture of Joshua putting Amelia to bed…. looks like he's putting himself to bed too!


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