· thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Thanks be to Julia who is a never-failing reminder to be thankful and to rejoice in the small things that make our lives big and wonderful.  This week I’m offering some visuals of my thankfulness.  I’m trying to document some of my 1000 Gifts since sometimes I forget to write them down and sometimes a picture really does show a thousand blessings in a moment.

I’ve decided that a salad doesn’t always have to chopped and vegetables don’t always have to be cooked.  Thanks be to summer farmer’s markets.

So thankful for this sweet belly.

So thankful for this sweet friend.

Who needs spray grounds when there’s a playground?

Our blooming stargazers that cause the girls to shriek from the porch, “Mommy, come now!” making me think someone is on fire.  No, they’re just amazed that when we went to camp, there were no flowers.  We came home to this.

Organic soil bag garden.  We’re trying something small.  So far it’s still alive.  Yay, me.  Yay, rainstorms when I forget to water.

Everyone should have “wildflowers” picked from a parking lot in a mason jar on their table.

My latest read.  I love Francine Rivers.  If you haven’t read anything by her, pick up something immediately.  This one has been great for me as a mother and a daughter and someone who appreciates “Christian” writing that’s not preachy.
Link up your thankfulness this week.  Sometimes it’s a search for me to find the beauty, the joy, the small blessings in a day filled with tantrums and anger and frustration (more on raising over emotional girls later)
….but when it’s over I’m always glad I did.

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