She thinks she’s a super hero.  A baby who can climb the ladder to the top of sissies’ bunk beds, can figure out that the kitchen chair to the top of the table isn’t too high and puts her at an advantage for more Frosted Flakes, one who truly believes that an arm cross and a firm “uh-uh” is going to save her from the agony of another nap.

She’s only 16 months old.  Sheesh, what am I going to do?

It’s not even July yet, and she’s already learned so many habits from those sissy monsters.  Like how to color outside the lines (or on the coffee table), how to slide down the big water slide at the Elrod’s, how to give a grin that melts my heart and my resolve.  What a mess.

I love it.  I hate it.  I miss my baby who cooed and snuggled and stayed in one place.

But she’s gone. And in her place is a sweet little Millie-Monster who has a fiery temper, a feisty temperment, and a fresh take on being the baby. 

Her sisters call her a big girl already.  Especially when I defend her for making a mess of Madelynne’s dollhouse or destroying the artwork hung too low on the fridge.  “She’s NOT a baby!” They tell me emphatically.  Well, maybe not.  But she’s my baby.

She’s talking more, though “uh-uh” and “uh-huh” she deems sufficient for everything.  We’re working on please, but at least she’ll attempt “thank you” after she gets what she wants.  Last night she made me read her favorite lift-the-flap books a half dozen times so she could moo and buzz and oink

Sometimes the only way she’ll decide she’s through with dinner and demanding “moe, moe!” is when Daddy says, “Are you ready for a bath?”  Head bobbing and arms up, she babbles, “Baff, baff!” 

She’s a water bug.  Later this week, I’ll post swim lesson pictures.  She’s most put out she’s not participating.  Yet another activity for the sissies.  No wonder she wants to grow up.

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  1. love that pic of her & joshua!! she really looks so grown up. sorry!

    if opposites attract, she & sam will never get together. although i keep hoping his constant screaming (either for fun or in frustration) & persistence is merely a phase. yeah, right! at least they're cute…that should at least get them through kindergarten, right?


  2. You will be most excited to hear that Colton turns 7mo. old a week from today…July 5! He is in the beginning stages of crawling and he is pulling himself up onto his knees with the help of the edge of the sofa or the coffe table or the small chairs at daycare. He is watching a little 10mo old do it so he thinks he can…what a mess and he is growing up sooo fast! 🙂 Millie-Moo looks sooo sweet. Miss her and wish I could snuggle up with mine the way you want to snuggle up with her, but Colton likes to makes sure we are up by 630, 7 at the latest on my weekends so we can hit all possible yardsales!!! Love you


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