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Stop the Screaming!

I know people have all sorts of names for the infamous pacifier, and God bless the inventor of this lovely scream stopping contraption. 

My big girls called theirs “nite-nite”.  Belle just always said whatever Madelynne did and Madelynne started calling it that when she realized she only got it at bedtime.  That was when we more zealous about the paci habit so it wouldn’t be as hard to break. 

Well, Amelia has broken us.  I try to keep it put up, but sometimes it’s all that will stop the ear-splitting shriek she’s been perfecting the past few weeks. A shriek of anger, delight, annoyance, joy…doesn’t matter as long as she’s making noise.  And in the true fashion of a third child asserting her right to possessiveness, what do you think she calls her paci? 


applesauce on her chin…her new grin for when i pull out the camera…no idea where her mine is

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