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Raining Blessings

It rained off an on all day yesterday and by evening was the light was pearly gray and the ground was soaked.  Love it.

I really do love rainy days, as long as they don’t come one after another and keep us inside for more than the girls can stand.  But the rain is soothing somehow, and makes me long for fall and coziness and hot chocolate and fires.  Well, the electric fire in our free-standing unit at least.

We did get outside some before the storms began.  Madelynne has finally learned to ride her bike by herself no training wheels.  Major accomplishment.  And I’m so glad the teaching is over because it was frustrating for all of us.  But once she got the hang of it–off she went!  In big circles all over the church parking lot at Bike Night.  Turns out she just needed the right motivation.  You’ll have to make the pics bigger to read my captions.

Later this week we’re hoping to finish a project we started last week…

and get lots of blueberries in the freezer to satisfy the blueberry pancake monsters at my house (that would be Amelia and her daddy).

And I think I’ve discovered why I’m low on vinegar, milk, worsterchire (actually I’m out of that), eggs, brown sugar, butter….ingredients used when you cook lots of deliciousness from scratch.  I also think I’ve discovered why my shorts sometimes seem a little tight.

I blame Pioneer Woman.

But everything I make from there is so good, how can I stop?

Hope your week is filled with blessings that come in showers or drizzles or storms or even sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Raining Blessings

  1. Congrats to the two-wheel-rider! I vividly remember when I learned. My six-year-old brother had just figured it out so I just HAD to! I was eight. 🙂

    Ingenious blueberry-picking-container. Like a fanny pack, but for blueberries!

    Your last sentence reminds me of Laura Story's song “Blessings.” Have you heard it?


  2. big girl bike riding is so fun! what a sweet milestone.

    it's about time i get with the program and make a ree recipe. it's like i've been living on another planet. or maybe i should stay away in honor of my waistline. ; )


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