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Imperfectly Perfect Wishing

Unfortunately I don’t want to even try to count the number of times in the past two weeks these words came out of my mouth or heart–I can’t wait for you to go back to school.

I know it’s not a crime to crave routine or to want a few uninterrupted moments during my day or to recognize that my eighteen-month apart strong-willed competitive daughters need a break from each other.  I know it’s not a crime to look forward to the start of school and new beginnings and fall with all it’s fresh crispness and possibilities.

But I’ve been wishing away my moments.  My time.  My precious seconds and minutes and hours of everyday when they’re still little enough to think I am perfect.  Perfect for them at least.  Moments I can never get back and reclaim and try again. 

So just a little bit today I’m wishing it was still summer.  And they were here quietly watching a movie so mommy can get some work done.

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