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Multitudes of Miscellaneous Monday

This weekend I cooked this
this ginormous twenty-seven pound turkey.
I am well aware that it is not Thanksgiving.  But Joshua’s folks bought it at Publix for .69 a pound.
So I cooked it.
And we’ll eat it all week.
Which is great since the play opens Friday and cooking actual meals is not happening.
Oh, and Madelynne starts soccer so having time for actual meals this week 
isn’t happening either.
Which makes me sad.
Dinnertime is my favorite time.
Speaking of favorites, fall is my favorite season.
I cannot wait for the days to get a bit chillier 
(though they’re pretty nice right now)
and the leaves to turn completely 
(but still be on the trees)
and someone to buy me some beautiful mums
(hint, hint)
to set on my front porch.
Source: via Joyce on Pinterest

That hint, hint is intended for my husband when I make him read this later

so don’t rush out and buy me mums
because I know you were all going to.
I dressed Amelia in new clothes for MOPS on Friday.
She was pretty snazzy in her dark-wash jeans.

Sweet girl, most everything she gets is hand-me-down, but this I got on sale.
It says “cutest in the family”.  It was Sissy-approved.
Even her shoes are new.
But then she had a blowout.
You know what I’m talking about.
And so I had to bathe her when I got back home
and she spent the rest of the day
in her diaper.
It was easier.
Today has been a pretty good Monday.  
No yelling before school.
Even when Annabelle lied about brushing her teeth.
Workout at Jazzercise.
Lots of laundry.
Trying to settle into a routine.
Lots of blessings.

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