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Here I Am (Christmas Countdown)

Here I am sitting and being grouchy and irritated over family drama and Madelynne crying because some girl doesn’t think she writes her name neatly and how Christmas just always feels more frustrating than it should when I read a post on facebook that a family is about to spend Christmas at Scottish Rite because their two-year-old has a tumor and suddenly there’s some perspective.

I hate that I have to get it that way.

I’ve got some fun plans for the next couple of weeks, ideas I hope will make me appreciate the Christ season more and not forget what we are celebrating.  On a “Twelve Days of Christmas” whim, I’m going to try to post about what we’ve been up to everyday between now and Christmas.

Lofty goals.  Good motivation to write everyday.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the first twelve days of December….

Belle in “S-A-N-T-HO”  at her school’s Christmas program.

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer….

Roasting marshmallows on Madelynne’s field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm.

Choosing our own tree.  A sweet hemlock this year that’s not too full or needles but overly full of ornaments.

Coloring on the table. 

Visiting Santa at Densmore Farm.

Seeing if they all fit on the swing.

Santa’s elves hard at work cleaning Mommy’s car.

Sunday dinner homemade biscuits wrapped in joy.
Come back tomorrow to see if what the beginning of the last twelve days leading up to Christmas will hold.

2 thoughts on “Here I Am (Christmas Countdown)

  1. your girls are too sweet for words. 🙂 Love the one of Amelia coloring on the table!!

    Don't feel like you HAVE to post every day. I just read a great post by Jon Acuff ( about why it's good to NOT write as much over Christmas.

    Not that I wouldn't be thrilled to see any new posts of yours. 🙂 Just something to think about.

    Blessings and joy to your family this Christmas!


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