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Managing the Mania

When I was working full-time at parenting one hundred middle schoolers in addition to my own three, I used to write these Manic Monday posts.

I thought those days were behind me when I became a stay-at-home mom.  Wrong, again.  Yesterday was straight from the manic files and I couldn’t even post about it because I collapsed, literally, into my bed at nine o’clock.  Of course, that meant I was wide awake by five to bring you this blogging goodness.

So what kept us so busy yesterday?

Well, it takes a lot of cookies to get a face like that.  Batches of peanut butter with kisses, which I’ve always called silver bells.  Yum….this recipe is from my Land of Cotton cookbook I posted about last week.

And Daddy’s favorite chocolate chip.  No fancy recipe here, ya’ll.  Just read the bag of Nestle (or Laura Lynn) morsels and don’t skimp.

Best if eaten warm from the oven and assisted by little elves.

I made two chicken pies for dinner, one for us and one to give.  I mailed Christmas cards.  I braved Ingles with all three.  Why is it the big ones are more work than the little ones?  We went to Jazzercise and Madelynne worked out with me.  Oh, and because it’s the first day of a vacation we went to the pediatrician because the beginning of a break is Annabelle’s favorite time to develop strep throat.

I know, she looks really sick doesn’t she?  We’re so used to this that I felt like super smart mama and caught it early.  A weak positive on the test and ten days of antibiotics.  And no, she didn’t contaminate my cookies.

How was your six days until Christmas Monday?

One thought on “Managing the Mania

  1. I made the peanut-butter-hershey's-kiss cookies for the first time the other day. They didn't turn out quite as pretty as I wanted, but they sure taste good. 🙂

    I am impressed with you for having such a productive day!! As always, the smiles on your girls' faces are heart-melting. 🙂

    For a “manic” day, sure looks like it was a great one! Other than the strep. I hope Belle feels all better very soon (and doesn't pass it on to the family!).


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