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What I Really Need

Sometimes on Monday I like to link up with Carissa over at lowercase letters.  But today is Tuesday.  Monday passed me by in a blur of strep throat and dishes and wrinkled shirts.

So I’m linking her to me today because I love this post.  And it’s so timely for me right now.  Joshua will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks, yay!  He’ll be working closer to home which means more time and less gasoline charges.  Hopefully we’ll go from sinking financially to treading water.

Which should be enough blessing.  Like Carissa said, I’m not promised a savings account.

But too often I want to focus on my wants.  Which I often mistake as needs.

As in, I need a bigger house.  With a wrap-around porch and gorgeous views.

And doesn’t baby Gus need a nursery and a nice crib and some decor that Amelia likes too?

Or how about I need this outfit for next fall.  It says “I may have 4 kids but I’m still cool and put together”, right?

But do I really need any of that to be happy?  And if that item is intrinsically tied to my happiness, won’t I crumble when it falls apart?

Everyday of living within my means is a struggle for me spiritually, emotionally, physically.  I think I make it harder than it needs to be.  No, we don’t have any discretionary income.

But we do have Family Friday Night Pizza.

No, I can’t hire an awesome cake decorator for Amelia’s birthday.

But I can bake out of love.  I’m thinking a version of this….

As we end a month of resolutions and resets, a month that seems to give permission to start over, and approach a month devoted to those people we love the most and those causes that touch us all, I pray I will be reminded that my sins are white as snow and He will clothe me more beautifully than any lily in the field.

3 thoughts on “What I Really Need

  1. YES. Hugs to you, Lindsey! I needed this reminder, too. There's a lot that I feel like I want…but I already have SO MUCH, more than I need, too! Yes, it would be nice to have other things. More money to do whatever with. But God gives us what we need, and he enables us to bless others with it.

    Thank you for this reminder!


  2. girl. i am glad that we are trudging through this stuff together. thank you for the encouragement and willingness to identify. i hope and pray that since we're on this path, craning our necks toward the sky, trying to be less attached to this world, that we are on the right track! Grace will carry us!


  3. Lindsey, I can relate to everything in this post. And, goodness, some days are harder than others. If only my eyes could be as content as my heart. Sigh. Everyday living within my means is a constant struggle here, too. For instance today I really REALLY wanted to splurge on a Dr. Pepper at CFA. But of course that meant we'd have to eat there…and those $12 could be spent on things we actually need since we have fresh bread and peanut butter at home. Not nearly as exciting (or tasty), but better for us in more than one way. So I pray that God will keep my heart on track with His, and I know exery sacrifice is worth it. Praying for you, too.


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