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A Few Friday Joys

The more kids one has, the less hands there are to juggle the expensive Canon camera that requires focus.

Got a few this week though….

Little man is learning to hold up his head and actually getting some tummy time…

and he loves his fingers a lot…

she made a train with the kitchen chairs…maybe she’s hoping to go see Marmie?

It’s really unfair that this is what her hair looks like in the morning.

The love him to pieces.  Sometimes I fear that will be literal.

I’m totally in love with him these days…

and Millie is totally in love with Madelynne.  They’re entirely too much alike.

So maybe these two will be best buds?

Tomatoes galore from the garden!
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3 thoughts on “A Few Friday Joys

  1. My loves!!! I miss them so much!!! Gus Gus is so big and the girls are beautiful as always!! Came Millie Moo come pick me up on her train! I'd love to go for a ride! Much love, Auntie Calley


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