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31 Days Embracing Motherhood: When Letting Go

Today when they’re up and the sun is still fresh on the horizon and you’re still bleary-eyed and haven’t had your coffee, when the errands and the ball games and the fall festivals and the scout meetings and the dinner time and the clothes ready for church time threaten to overwhelm your precious moments of having them all here, with you, wholly yours from God for just a short time, remember this…

today my uncle will walk his last baby girl down a woodsy aisle in an outdoor chapel 
and give her away.
Are you ready for that?  Are you?
I’m tired of cheerios grinding under my feet and pink toothpaste in the sink
and rewashing soured laundry and shoes left everywhere except where they belong
but I’m not ready to let them go.
Someday I will be…or maybe it’s just that someday I’ll be able to realize
that it’s time to let go 
and my heart will break 
and heal 
and embrace the new journey
but for now
I’ll take all this.

One thought on “31 Days Embracing Motherhood: When Letting Go

  1. Ohhh, I don't think parents ever really “let go”, do they? My mom still answers the phone, “Hi baby girl!” when she sees it's me calling. 🙂

    You'll miss that pink toothpaste one day, that's for sure.

    Loving your series! So glad I found you!!


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