Instagram, Free Stuff, and StitchFix! {miscellaneous Monday}

I’m trying out some new technology around here in these parts.  {that’s not how people really talk in my sweet little southern town unless they’re being featured in a movie that claims to take place in Alabama but is, in actuality, being filmed in Georgia, but I’m feeling a little backwoods lately}

I discovered Instagram!  As in, there’s my feed over there to your right, feel free to follow the not-so-great photography that pairs so sweetly with ice cream and big smiles.  Now, how do I use specific pictures from Instagram in my blog post?  Seriously, please, help a girl out.

I’m writing a book.  Well, I’ve been writing a book for awhile, and I’m going to eventually finish it, but this is another project that I’m hoping will be simpler and then motivate me to finish the much, much bigger and infinitely scarier task of a novel.  Right now, I’m just working on a little e-book, a collection of some of my favorite randomness so you don’t have to search through the blog to find the posts most worth reading.  Got a favorite?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do 🙂  Once I’ve got this all figured out, I’m borrowing inspiration from this girl and offering it up to subscribers for FREE!

Who doesn’t love FREE?  Speaking of, did you enter the giveaway?  I hope so!  Winner announced tomorrow, so come back then, when I’m going to be posting a little list of ten ways to make your mornings better.  Then I’m going to print that list out and hang it on my fridge, so the next time I have a monumental meltdown like I did on Friday, I can look at it and remember, oh yeah, do this instead.

One of my issues the other morning was about clothes.  I’m trying to fix that using this great service called StitchFix.  I think it’s really cool {i.e. total time and mind-saver} that a stylist will pick out everything for me because, let’s face it, if it can’t be bought at Old Navy or Target in the kids’ section, I’ve probably never seen it.  Unfortunately, I sized myself wrong because I’m in-between and some of the incredibly gorgeous tops I was sent were tighter than I prefer on post-baby-#4 belly.  But a friend of mine bought a top out of my box because she loved it so.  In fact, when I took it out the first thing I thought was, “This is so her, and I can’t wear this because she’s moving far away and then I’ll cry every time I put it on.”  I did try that shirt on, though.  It was super cute and nicer than anything else in my closet.  So, I’m trying again.  New Fix to arrive next week sometime, hopefully not before I’ve run out of the birthday money I’ve been hoarding for this.

I’m not posting my menu this week because when I post about food it causes my mother to ask if me if my sister and I are in some sort of cooking competition.  {we’re not.}  Also, because it’s not all that exciting this week.  I’m trying some new recipes from this cookbook, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Finally, you should know that I had most of this post written last night with grand intentions of posting early, because I’m pretty sure when I post has some effect on my pageviews, but then life happened.  It was totally and completely a manic Monday.  Overslept, Amelia wet the bed, last minute childcare fill-in at Jazzercise, grocery store….you get the picture.  But I’m linking up over at lowercase letters today and starting next week I’m thinking about having my own little linky party about Manic Mondays.  I know I’ve said that for ages, but I said I was having a giveway for ages, too, and look!  I finally did it!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

4 thoughts on “Instagram, Free Stuff, and StitchFix! {miscellaneous Monday}

  1. Oh, I hear ya about life. And I'm excited for you about the StitchFix! Get Joshua to take pictures of you so we can see you in the outfits you love. 🙂 Hope the rest of your Monday is amazing!


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