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Why I’m Giving Up Something I Enjoy {the Search for Margin: Part 2}

The other day I gave my girls a simple task.  We piled all their stuffed animals and dolls and pillows, that take up more space on their beds than they do, onto the floor and I had them choose the five things they loved the most.  Then we remade their beds with what was left.

Everything else went into a big bag with the promise that I wouldn’t sell or donate it without letting them know, but with the caution that I believed once they had spent some time in a less cluttered space, they weren’t going to want those items back.

I know I could have made up Madelynne’s bed for this photo, but I’m keeping it real here.  

Last week, her bedspread could hardly be seen beneath the pile of extra fleecy blankets (despite the fact that it’s summer), countless loved animals, and one very large purple hippo.  Now she’s down to a couple of bears, that owl, and her treasured blue pillow and bunny (who must be hiding).  And you know what she said?  Wow, Mommy, look at how clean my room is now!

How clean(ish) indeed.  Amazing what losing just a few things, even if they are things we love, will do for our space.

So I took a cue from the lesson I was trying to teach my daughters and I turned in my notice to drop an activity that’s been part of my life for five years.  I need more space in my everyday, and sometimes that means letting go of things that are good so there can be room for something better.

I’m dropping Jazzercise.  And I’m sad because I love the workout and the friends and the time that’s for me. But I can no longer commit to the time required for my childcare exchange (I work an hour each week in exchange for free classes), and I am finding that what is supposed to be only an hour workout can sometimes take up my whole morning by the time I travel, workout, socialize, run an errand or two, and then get back home.

But like that bag full of stuffed animals, I’m treating this as a temporary loss.  I imagine that after Christmas, when I’ve made it through two conferences, starting MOPS back up, and directing for the community theater, I might be ready to add this back.  Or not.

Either way, I’m giving myself the chance to see if I like my life with a little less commitment, so I can learn to be intentional about what stays and what goes.

What about you?  Have you given up anything lately so you can have more space?  For the first part of my series, click here.  For the post that made me consider really finding more space, click here

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One thought on “Why I’m Giving Up Something I Enjoy {the Search for Margin: Part 2}

  1. I wonder if there's anything in my life I could give up that would get rid of clutter–physical or not. Definitely some of the junk that's piling up in our closet, which has been driving me nuts. 🙂 But is there anything in my life/routine that would be helpful to eliminate, at least for now, and free up time for other things?

    I'll be thinking about this. Thanks, Lindsey!


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