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31 Days of Living Local

What’s 31 Days?  It’s a challenge to choose a topic and write a post about it every day in October.

It’s incredible and brutal and fabulous for focus.  And developing ebooks apparently, which is my secret goal.
Last year I semi-wrote about Embracing Motherhood. I wasn’t as committed to blogging as I am now, but that series really challenged me to think about my journey through motherhood and has encouraged me to make telling my story a God-sized dream worth pursuing.

This year I’m going to write about a topic that’s completely different from what I usually post.  While you’ll still get plenty of references to my kids and my crazy, I’m going to be offering resources and thoughts on another type of challenge.

If I hadn’t chosen this topic in MAY and been so excited about it for the 31 days project, I’d have made the reasonable decision to just do a short series some other time.  But I’ve been thinking about this for five months and am so passionate about it lately, that I just had to do it.  (Especially since almost everyone else is!)

As in supporting local businesses, buying from local farmers, visiting local attractions, and in general, embracing the local you call home. 

I’m a north Georgia girl, so there will be lots of resources and information available for my local area, but it’s also my goal to help you begin to see where you call home as a local ministry that deserves your physical and financial support to thrive.  
So if you love where you live, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the wonder of local foods, gifts, and activities. 
But if you’re not happy with the place you call home?  I hope you’ll join me as an inspiration to begin to see it through fresh eyes and with a new perspective.

Tomorrow: 4 Easy Ways to Live Local

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