31 Days of Living Local · amelia

The Real Local Advantage to Dentists and Kittens {31 Days: Day 8}

The advantage of taking my kids to the most local dentist I can find that accepts their insurance is twofold. 

On one hand, after they’ve behaved we like to undo all the good that was just done by stopping here and supporting local small businesses.

On the other, when I pull out of the driveway and get halfway to the girls’ school and then have this conversation with Amelia:
A (sudden gasping!): Mommy, does you know the kitten is in the car?

Me (startled from two second thought reverie): What? The kitten? Seriously? Amelia, are you kidding me?

A (not understanding the question): Of course I am kidding you! The kitten is in the car in front of Gus! Oh, no!  Now it’s crawling to you, Mommy! (insert meowing)
I have plenty of time to turn around and deposit the kitten right back where she belongs.  
Which, by the way, doesn’t need to be my house any longer.  Any takers?  
Did you read yesterday’s post about how I expanded my local to help launch The Undivided Mom

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