31 Days of Living Local · MOPS

Being Brave and Leaving Local {31 Days: Day 17}

Because sometimes you have to pack four days worth of cute clothes, including that top you don’t dare wear around the baby with peanut butter hands, into a carry on bag that meets FDA requirements for height and weight.

You have to fill the travel size toiletry bottles with your favorite shampoo and debate on taking the curling iron tucked in next to the ipad charger and your favorite pajamas that hopefully aren’t too ratty for sharing a room with three other women.

You have to arrange and rearrange for the childcare and the school pick ups and the lunchboxes to be packed with the correct sandwiches for each child and then you have to load yourself on a van and sit back and breathe and trust that someone else can handle your life for the next 72 hours.

You have to be brave and bold and bear the burden of guilt that comes with anytime you step out in faith to do something that is really just for the betterment of yourself–

and for the ministry for which you are the helm.

Better moms make a better world.

Sometimes you have to leave that little slice of local behind to find what makes you worthy of being a leader.

Pray for me as the Steering Team for our local MOPS group travels to #momcon2013 in Kansas City this week!

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