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What I Miss Most When I’m Not Local {31 Days: Day 21}

Of course I miss my kids when I’m gone.  And my husband.  All that goes without saying.

But what I really miss about my local and the place I call home and the region I belong to through community and culture and choice?

Sweet tea.

I mean, seriously, can we get some of that north of the Mason-Dixon line?

Southern Sweet Tea

3-4 Family Size Lipton Teabags (yes, brand matters)
1 cup sugar
empty gallon pitcher
medium pot
cold water

Fill pot with cold tap water and add tea bags.  Place pot on stove and bring to a boil.  Remove from heat.  Allow tea to steep 10-15 minutes.  Meanwhile, add one cup sugar to an empty gallon pitcher. Pour tea over sugar and stir to dissolve.  Run more cold water over tea bags in empty pot and then press the bags to release any extra tea goodness.  Pour into pitcher until full. Stir.  Fill a glass with ice. Pour a glass of tea. Relax and be thankful for the house wine of the South.

Sweet Tea Traditions has a good recipe here with more details. 

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