Because Sometimes We All Need a Little Help {Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is Here!}


I had to send my the women who are in the trenches of leadership with me an urgent text message yesterday. Basically it said I’d offered to make dinner for one of our own who birthed her third babe last week (and now deserves all things pasta and chocolate) but I’d over-anticipated  my capacity for this Tuesday. so, in short, I needed help.

Of course they rose to the occasion and all I had to prepare was the main dish (never going wrong with baked spaghetti). It was an awesomely freeing feeling to ask for help and to receive it.

But sometimes I’m quite guilty of not asking. Sometimes I apparently would rather flake out or have a tantrum or just yell at my husband rather than ask for just a little bit of help. Or guidance. Or relief.

Sarah Mae, who wrote Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, the book I’m reading with that leadership team that welcomes tired mamas every other Friday to MOPS, says very plainly, “What a young mother really needs is physical help.”

Exactly. Sometimes what I really need is four sets of hands, you know, one for each child? And it’s okay if those hands are attached to my mom or mother-in-law or friend or mentor. Especially when those hands are being held wide open and desiring to share some wisdom while folding the never ending pile of laundry that keeps my girls’ room disguised rampaged outlet store.

I know, I know. It’s hard to ask. I’ve got four kids and am just now getting to where I realize how vitally important it is to lay down my own feelings of inadequacy and that idol of control so someone can be the hands and feet of sweet Jesus for me.

It’s okay if you have a hard time with the asking. But can I encourage you to accept the offers? And can I encourage you that if you don’t want physical help, to at least seek some guidance from those who have gone before?

You don’t even have to talk to someone to find guidance in areas like marriage, kids’ activities, meal planning, and devotions. The internet is an unlimited resource that easily overwhelms and intimidates. That’s why I’m excited to share a little (actually it’s a lot!) something with you.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is on sale today and for the next 6 days only, you can get over 78 ebooks and additional resources for one low price. All downloadable onto your favorite electronic device, all from trusted and respected leaders in the homemaking blog world, and all neatly packaged together so you can peruse at your leisure without having to rely on endless (and distracting) Pinterest searches to find a simple idea for dinner!

It’s the best bargain for ebooks you’ll ever find.  When I’m thinking about meal planning and whole foods, I can’t wait to check out:

  • Happy Mom, Healthy Family Meal Planning by Lisa Byrne
  • It’s Me or the Coupons by Beth Cranford
  • Healthy Lunchbox by Katie Kimball
  • Real Food on a Budget by Stephanie Langford
  • Advanced Penny Pinching by Tabitha Philen
But summer’s on the way and I’m sure these are going to be favorites:
  • Just Making Ice Cream by Marillyn Beard
  • 101 Independent Activities for Toddlers by Mary Ellen Bream
  • 76 Free Things to Do With Kids by Shannon Brown

And that’s only 8 of the offerings! You’ll find Kayse’s incredible devotional for busy moms The Undivided Mom as well as Kat Lee’s simple and effective kit for blog planning. Since most of these books retail at around $3.99 a piece, I’d say getting them all (even the ones I don’t need) for $29.97 is the best part of the package! (Yes, you can give away the ones you don’t want but be sure to read the fine print about that here.)


So go ahead, treat yourself or a friend to an early Mother’s Day and start accepting help. Because if we could do it all by ourselves, there would be no reason to have each other, right?

Oh, and MOPS mamas who’ve been loving Desperate? Sarah Mae has three books included in this bundle!

Also, I’ve been writing a little series about Living Whole(ish) on a Budget and will be the first to admit I always need help. You can read about it here.
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through my site, I will receive a commission. I’m hoping to generate enough sales to help me get to Allume this fall as well as plan a few (not free) summer activities for my kids. Thanks for checking it out! 

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