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Working On Wednesday

I thought I’d try something new.   A Wednesday post about the randomness we may (or may not) be working on each week.  When your home is filled with a toddler, a kindergartener, and a first grader, there’s always something to be working on.  If you like it, maybe I’ll get all fancy with a linky button.  ‘Course, I’ve said that before.  I’m working on it.
Oh, and I picked Wednesday for the alliteration, English teacher nerd that I am.
This week we’re working on learning some new terms.  

For instance, Madelynne’s first grade class is working on possessives.  As in, “Mommy, you have to put a capastrophe before the s.”  She doesn’t believe me when I say my teaching certificate is valid enough to help her with her homework.  And why should she?  I don’t know about capastrophes.
Amelia is learning terms too.  Bossy ones.  She recently started stringing sentences together so throughout the day, I get a lot of this:
“Mama rock!”
“Mama read!”
“Mo fru sacks peas.” 
(fruit snacks for those of you who don’t speak toddler)
“No milk!  Ap juice!”
The best is she can say her brother’s name almost perfectly.  So while she pokes my belly button she chants, “Baby Gush, baby Gush!”
Annabelle is learning new terms too.  Terms like tonsillectomy and adenoids and ENT.  She’s not as fond of her terms as her sisters are of theirs.
We’re also learning to be a little nicer to each other because it will make our home a more pleasant place.

So last night we had a party for daddy to celebrate his new job.  We made him a cake and Madelynne insisted on a tablecloth and everything.

Mmmm….that was good cake.  Which means I am working on resisting the urge to eat more of it.
You can get the recipe here.
The girls and I started a project this morning as well.  14 Acts of Love.  Brought to the Brackett house via Pinterest of course.
You can go here to get your own. Super easy, kid friendly! And no, I didn’t try to color any rice.  But I could I’m sure.  Maybe I’ll work on that for next week.
So what are you working on this Wednesday?
I’d love to know.