Paynes-a-Plenty Name Game

Congratulations, friends! Many of you have been paying attention or have not forgotten who all the Payne kids are. However, spelling was an issue, so let me tell you the rule: Everyone ends in ‘y’. That’s our quirky thing. Really, the only one 🙂

The order complete with middle and married names for those who care or are searching for a baby name and don’t want to buy a book:
Jennifer Lindsey Payne Brackett (like Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way…jk)
James Corey Payne (the only boy, and don’t feel bad for him)
Katy Rebecca Payne Stephens (with a ‘ph’, she’s a little anal about it)
Lauren Ashley Payne (now worried she’ll never find anyone out West to help her change it)
Calley Rachel Payne (says she’s sworn off dating for now, so she’ll be a Payne for awhile)
Kelsey Alice Payne (she’s got one of those boyfriends my kids think is already their uncle)
Audrey Elaine Payne (let’s pray she’s a Payne for a LONG time yet)
and the extras are:
Joshua, Paul, and Alaina who truly deserve crowns in heaven for marrying into this crazy bunch!
Seriously, I love my family. It’s loud and chaotic and certain members have definitely contributed to the grey hairs I keep pulling out, but it’s also great to know there’s always someone who understands the best way to enjoy snow is in a canoe behind a tractor, there is no substitute for Mama’s pancakes, and if you want to leave on time, you start the process an hour early so Daddy will have time to check your tires, oil, and washer fluid.
We don’t always get along, and when we do, truth is the harmony is short-lived. But what can you expect from such strong personalities, quick tempers, and pig-headedness? No matter what may come, I hope my girls cherish being born into a part of the Payne family. They will never lack for supporters, accomplices, or love, though at times they may wish to retreat to an undisclosed, isolated location that is far, far away.
Love you Payne-ful ones!

2 thoughts on “Paynes-a-Plenty Name Game

  1. I think your family seems amazing. Maybe between the two of us we can have that many kids. Right! Beautiful picture of all the princesses we are that as well. Poor Josh and Scott. A beautfiul brackett family picture


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