Random Acts of…Paynes-a-Plenty

Yesterday was Annabelle’s birthday party, complete with too many preschoolers to count, almost all her aunts and uncles, and as she requested, a purple bunny cake made by Marmee (that would be my mom). It was great fun and only a little stressful. Did I mention decorating the rice krispie eggs with icing and sugar? I’m sure every mom there was grateful I now have DISH Network and saw a commercial that inspired that mess–I mean, fun 🙂

Now, let’s go back to that earlier statement of almost all her aunts and uncles.
You’d think since seven of the people in attendance can claim the title of aunt or uncle, that surely they were all there. I mean how much extended family does a girl need?
Well, if you’re born into an extension of the Payne family, quite a lot. My girls are blessed with six aunts and two uncles from Mommy’s side of the family and as they find their significant other, I’m sure my sisters will help even out that number. Some of them are already trying, though we’ve got to stop referring to the boyfriends as “uncles.” My girls wonder where one of their uncles went when there’s a breakup and that’s no fun to explain.
I’m sure you’re wondering where all these folks came from (unless you already know me and are familiar with the craziness). I’m the oldest of seven kids. Yes, we all have the same parents and no, we’re not Catholic. Southern Baptists like to have kids too, as evidenced by Bethlehem Baptist.
Now, here’s a fun contest if you do know me. Can you name all the Payne children in order? Post your answer as a comment and I’ll let you know who the winner is tomorrow when I continue this post.
Because I haven’t gotten to the good stuff yet. Like explaining our family motto about events. Forget the fat lady. It’s not over until somebody throws a fit and Calley falls asleep on the couch.

8 thoughts on “Random Acts of…Paynes-a-Plenty

  1. Jennifer Lindsey Payne Brackett,Corey Payne, Katie Payne (forgot married name), Ashley Payne, Callie Payne, Kelsey Payne, Audrey Payne. Thats Right Julie Robinson Thomas Rocks!!!!!


  2. Lindsey, Corey, Katey, Ashley, Calley, Kelsey and Audrey!!!! I can only name them in order…If i don't start from the top, I can't do it 🙂

    Love, Jessica Wallis 🙂 (aka – Jess Wakefield)


  3. I can't do middle names, except for you and Ashely but I do believe it is:
    Katie (and I do know Katie's last name is Stephens)
    See I am a good friend too! But Katie informed me that the Tinsleys can't win contests since we are adopted family.


  4. I would just like to say that all the above FALIED the test because not a one of them spelled my name correctly except MaryLynn did get my last name correct…..just saying!


  5. Whatever happen to name the states, or the picnic game, or the grocery story adventure game??? I'm so happy to have provided such an enlighting game for families and relatives everywhere! Now name the Payne Pets….and all of Ashley's former boyfriends.


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