Random Acts of…Month 5

I can’t believe Amelia is five months old today.  Seriously, forget time flies.  I think it transports like in an episode of Star Trek.  I mean, really?  My sweet baby is five months old already?  I feel like we just left the hospital still shaking our heads over the fact that she’s a girl and not the boy everyone (but Mary Lynn) thought we were having.

At five months, Amelia is full of personality and spirit.  For the most part she’s pretty laid back, content to go with the flow and remain limp when being flopped around like a rag doll.  She’s a hearty eater and is now enjoying oatmeal with breakfast and rice cereal with dinner.  She also got a taste of formula recently when Joshua and I had a big date and I hadn’t pumped enough.  We’re working toward a schedule that will transition us into the new school year all too soon, and she has finally started sleeping throught the night.

But I still wish I could turn back time for just a few hours and go back to those first couple weeks she was home and I would sit on the couch and nurse her and hold her and marvel at how beautiful and perfect she is.  Already she’s over quiet cuddle time with Mommy and prefers to assert her new found ability to sit up when I’m holding her and she talks and squeals and grunts loud enough to be heard over her sisters.

Isn’t it amazing what five months can do?

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