Random Acts of….Staycation

Last week Joshua stayed home with us all week.  Originally, we would have probably taken some sort of vacation, but in the interest of economics, we decided to have a “staycation” instead.

Well, our staycation definitely cost more than a week at the beach, or even Disney World, but in the long run will be a better investment.

Here’s what we did: camped at Lake Hartwell, visited Dahlonega’s Gold Mines, viewed some “wildlife”, and culminated the week with a big purchase for Daddy.

I think Joshua’s favorite part was definitely the big purchase.

It’s a truck.  A great big Ford F150 Super Crew Cab that will seat all three girls across the back seat.  That makes me happy.

 It has a/c and is cool.  Literally and figuratively.  That makes Joshua happy.

I should mention here that if you missed my list on how wonderful my husband is you don’t know that he primarily drives the Honda Civic my parents bought me in high school.

It’s 20 years old and has no air conditioning.  It’s tiny and old and doesn’t say “cool dad who needs to haul lumber home to build his girls a treehouse”.

So instead of ending our staycation with a trip to the water park, we cooled off in south Atlanta via Ford a/c.  Works for me!

To check out some visuals of our fun week, visit my Shutterfly site here.

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