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Tuesday Timeout

I’m getting on a roll thanks to my 30 Blog Challenge, but I’m not promising that every day will have its own blog!  But after yesterday’s post, I thought I would reassure you all that today was much better.  Not as manic or frantic or frenzied.

This morning I took some advice from Madeline L’Engle’s Walking on Water and took some time just “to be.”  I had coffee and my quiet time and some sweet nursing with Amelia who was kind enough NOT to wake prior to 5 a.m.  School was productive and Madelynne and I were headed home for some organization of the new furniture when I got the call.

Amelia is sick.  You know.  Sick.  Every year we find ourselves the victim of stomach bugs within the first month of school and Belle is usually the first to fall.  Guess she’s passed that torch to her baby sister. So this means I get to forget my to-do list and my lesson plans and my Wednesday routine to stay home and take care of my baby.

Which is how it should be…..but this is not the time out I was hoping for!

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