30 Blog Challenge · thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

In continuation of the days-of-the-week theme (and copying Julia because I’m not above it) here comes a (hopefully I’ll do my best) new feature of this blog:

Thankful Thursday!
Because it is a good idea for someone like me who overwhelms far too easily to take a few moments to reflect on the little things that make life exceptionally wonderful.  You know, like Double-Stuf Oreos.
So this Thursday I am so very thankful for….
…Sick Days.  That’s right.  Especially sick days with my sweet baby who was sweet enough to be sick while at daycare and have moved into the low-grade fever, all I want is Mommy phase for the day I stayed home to ensure her full recovery.  It was a sweet day of cuddling and nursing and snuggling so she would feel better and I would feel reassured that it was okay to let someone else take care of her today.  But mostly I am thankful that I have a job that allowed me to take the day to take care of her.
…Good Friends.  Like Mary Lynn who took a pouty Madelynne to school on Wednesday and also picked her up that afternoon, just so I wouldn’t have to put Amelia in the car and drive the mile down the road to do it.  And Laura who knows how thoughtful it is to get sweet mail.  And April who brought us dinner the week I started school because she remembers how hectic that is.  And a lot more but I better stop before I leave someone out.
…Hand Me Downs.  Noelle was in the “good friend” category for this one, but I had more than a short sentence to say about the gratefulness of having four boxes of clothes for Amelia in storage.  That’s right.  Four boxes.  And they only go up to 24 months.  The best part?  When I return one box, I get to swap it for another of bigger sizes/different seasons.  It’s like shopping for free.  A friend at school gave me stuff for Millie-Moo also, and the best part of it all is that obviously we all share the same taste.  Outfits Belle and Madelynne wore that I got rid of during my brief “this is it” period are back.  Love. It.
So what are random things are you thankful for this Thursday?

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. i love it lindsey!! and it totally is the little things… like double stuffed oreo's that count 😉

    ps…i heard some some song on the radio today that said, “i'm gonna run away…” and laughed again when i thought of your 'run away' conversation.


  2. So glad we all can contribute to the thankful thursdays. Cheers to Julia for beginning it! Glad to pass down all my clothes. I am glad baby Amelia will get some good use out of them. I am thankful for you sweet friend!


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