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Manic Monday..or Tuesday…or Wednesday

Yeah, it’s not Monday but the holiday week threw me off.  That’s my excuse for everything all week 🙂

Monday actually wasn’t manic.  It was meltdown.  Not from the five year old.

They were good all day. In and out, playing and climbing trees, and trying to eat their way through all the Phineas&Ferb yogurt I bought recently.

Amelia was good.  Cuddly and a little whimpery, but who wouldn’t be when cutting three teeth?

Daddy Joshua kept his cool even when he and his father broke something (I don’t want to know) while installing a shower in our master bath as part of our Making the Sale campaign.

That leaves mommy.  So I confess.  The meltdown was me.

But I feel justified.  I spent TWO HOURS (that is precious time I could’ve been playing with my kids or writing or hanging out with friends) organizing our closet.

It was gorgeous when I was done.  Well, to me at least.  You didn’t see it before.

I was nursing Amelia when it happened.  I heard the crash but assumed it was the shower head or handle or pipe.

Oh, no.  The shelving pulled out of the drywall and crashed to the floor.  All of my clothes in a heap.  Luckily the shoe rack survived.  And I lost it.

It was 4:30 in the afternoon and my holiday suddenly seemed wasted.  No matter that I had also sorted all the girls fall/winter clothes, folded five baskets of laundry, cooked a real breakfast, cleaned a bathroom, and vacuumed the floor.  My closet was in shambles.

Thank goodness my in-laws were there so Joshua could deal with me and they could deal with the closet.  It’s back up now.  And truthfully, the silver lining is that now it’s reinforced into a stud and Tom hung my shelf a few inches higher so my dresses don’t drag.

I think I was just overdue for my own meltdown.  Too many irons in the fire, you know.  Or hangers on the closet rod.

See how a couple of days gives you perspective?

And if you’re visiting thanks to Helping the Little Guy, welcome to the randomness!

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