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Manic Monday

Do you know that twelve year olds don’t know this song?  I referenced it today while I was giving report cards to the girls who missed homeroom on Friday and were waiting on me when I got to school at 7:48 (that would be 18 minutes AFTER I was supposed to be there).  They looked at me like I was crazy for nearly breaking into a chorus of “it’s just another manic monday” when I was explaining that I was late because I had dumped coffee all over myself while I was driving and it necessitated a return home for a new outfit.

Welcome to Monday.

I did get a few laughs today, though.  Madelynne is learning her contact information at school and we’ve been practicing since she got off the bus this afternoon.  But she’s having a little trouble remembering it, so tonight when Joshua asked her what her phone number was, she just looked at him like he was crazy and said, “It’s the same as yours.”  duh.

See you Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. duh, Dad!

    thanks for the refreshing laugh, madelynne!

    that's kind of like today when i was teaching jack his whole/real name. he repeated after me a couple of times and then said, “but I not Jackson and David. My name is Jack!”


  2. that's hilarious… and i can't believe 12 year olds don't know that song… what a shame… what a great song. just another manic monday… woahooaao…. {now i'm sure i'll be singing this to myself all day today, even though it's thursday}


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