· madelynne

In the Middle

Do you ever wonder where some of these games and rhymes kids learn from each other in school got their start?  Isn’t it interesting how they pass from kid to kid and are a constant of the school playground no matter that my girls are part of techno-generation Z (or whatever it is)?

Today on the way home from Mimi’s, Madelynne was in the backseat teaching Annabelle a classic: “Up high” (and they would high five above their heads), “Down low” (and they would smack each other down by their car seats) “in the middle–too slow!” At this point Madelynne would jerk her hands away and laugh hysterically at her little sister who just doesn’t quite get why this is so funny.

Poor Belle. That middle’s a tough spot.

 in the middle of the Jaemor kiddie maze

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