As most of you know I teach school.  Middle school.  Seventh grade.  Hormones with feet.

So I spend most of my day trying to honor requests.  Requests to go to the bathroom.  To the nurse.  To lockers.  To home.  Request for more time.  Less homework.  Easier assignments.

Lots of times, I can’t honor these requests, so I as a result, I spend a lot of my day saying things like, “No, you can’t wear your rebel flag hat with a fish hook on it in the building during school.” Or, “No, you can’t do your math homework while I’m trying to teach you about theme in literature.”

But Madelynne made a request today I think I can honor.  And hopefully it will be fulfilled someday soon. 

As most of you also know, we’re in the hunt for a new house.  The only flaw in this is we have to sell our charming little ranch first.  Madelynne is very into voicing her opinions on the kind of house we choose.  From the beginning, she has wanted stairs.  And today she clarified that request.

“Mommy, I want a house with stairs.  Stairs that go up.”

Finally, a request I can make happen, no problem!

One thought on “Requests

  1. Oh, I remember that same plight with my parents…we were looking for a new house when my parents were surprised with baby #3 and our 3 bedroom home seemed too small to hold a family of five (since a 6 y/o girl & a 9 y/o boy didn't sound like the best roomates!) I enjoyed our house hunt and hoped for a house with stairs! Would you believe it my parents bought a split level house so it had not one but two sets of stairs!! (a third if you count the ones up to the front door!)


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