Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Today I have…

…thanked a veteran.  Have you?

…made dinner for a busy college student and made my children’s day by saying Aunt Calley was coming.

…wished the happiest of birthdays to one of the sweetest of little boys (and overlooked the chocolate cupcake all over Belle’s face).

…let Joshua do the dishes so I could rock the baby.

…realized that not every blog I write will be profound or thoughtful or even worth your time to read.

…known it’s worth my time, however, to remember among the chaos there are snippets of peace.

2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I hated English in school. I can't spell and I'm not real fond of proper sentence structure. Therefore, my blog posts are all short (and rarely profound!). I love reading about your sweet little family, even if I have to do it in bed on Jay's droid and don't get around to coming back and commenting.


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