Amelia is ten months old today.  Seems impossible that I can so keenly remember much of this time last year and yet can’t imagine that there was a time she wasn’t part of our life.

At ten months, she’s more baby than infant, more rambunctious than restful.  She’s more personality and less presentation. 

Long gone are the quiet days of play on the floor or rocking in the swing.  Even the exersaucer has lots its simple wonder.

She’s a girl with a purpose and a mind to get what she wants.  Open dishwasher?  Straight under the kitchen table is the fastest route to get there.  Bored at dinner?  Dropping the juice cup a half-dozen times is sure to guarantee some attention from the sissies.  Not in the mood for a nap?  No problem with crying at periodic intervals for over an hour until exhaustion finally sets in.  Well, maybe she doesn’t always get what she wants.

She thinks her name is Millie-Moo (the danger of nicknames) and her sisters are the greatest.  She knows how to please (last night she said “granddad” to Joshua’s grandfather) and how to wave ‘bye.  She’ll problem solve to get that toy she wants, if her sisters will leave her alone long enough to do it. And she’s growing faster than I can sort through the hand-me-downs.  (17 lbs, 28″ at our last appt.)

She refuses to even try to utter ma-ma (or Mimi) and she likes to eat but prefers the ease of swallowing over chewing so a lot of near choking events occur during meal times.

Ten months is a big deal, a number closer to the big mark than this mommy is ready for.  If they could just stay little….

but then she sleeps a solid ten hours and I’m thankful some phases of babyhood are behind us.

2 thoughts on “Already?

  1. i can't believe our little ones are growing up so fast either. she is precious and if she can survive the first year living with her sissy-monsters…there is no stopping her!


  2. yes, ten hours at night is great. teething is not. sweet innocent smiles are bliss. projectile spit up is a bore. let me know if you figure out a way to pause and weed out the unpleasantries 🙂


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