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I Forgot

I forgot that when I’m at work all day that only leaves me a precious few hours at home.  Before I knew it today I had run errands, gone to Jazzercise, started dinner and realized the girls would be in bed soon and I had barely seen them. 

This is why I quit cooking as much last fall and we began to enjoy canned soup and grilled cheese on a weekly basis.

Time just gets away so quickly and I don’t want to waste it.  These precious moments are flying by and I feel like I need to grab on and dig in my heels to slow life down.

My six year old has suddenly matured into a post-Christmas kindergartener who’s not so sure Santa is real and thinks she might be too big for baby dolls.  When did that happen?

Annabelle only wants to go to school if Hailey’s there but insists they do “nothing” all day.

Then there’s Millie Moo who can walk on her knees and will sit in the high chair for an hour as long as the food keeps coming.

Where did these babies go?

Madelynne Grace in February 2005

Madelynne and Annabelle Faith in March 2006

Amelia Hope in May 2010

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