Miscellany Monday

Today is Monday.
It was okay.
Sunshine in the evening for a walk, but the girls wanted to know why we were going to school in the dark.
Play rehearsal.
I’m not feeling the Golden Ticket yet, but that’s always the case a week before production, yet somehow, voila! It all comes together.  And nobody has a mental breakdown.
But I might get close next week, so don’t be surprised if I lay low in blogland.
Cleaned the bathroom tonight.  Flylady said just the countertops, but that made the toilet feel left out and since it’s apparently Amelia’s latest fascination, I had to clean that too.  Oh, and the mirror.  And I swept the floor and put down a clean bathmat.  I HATE cleaning the bathroom.  How can a place that is supposed to make you clean get so grimy?
And what’s up with gunk on the ice dispenser tray?  I mean, come on, it’s ice.  That’s just water.
Joshua says you can’t leave water unattended.  You never know what it will get up to.  Sort of like a class of seventh graders who beat me back to the classroom after lunch.
Speaking of 7th graders, is it their goal to make me feel bad in the last quarter of my career?  
Really, I don’t need to know that you made a good grade on your final because you just “guessed”.  Plus I don’t believe you.  Surely some knowledge seeped into your brain at some point in the past 130 days.  Please, let’s hope so.
That’s it for today.
Link on up at lowercase letters and find your miscellany.

One thought on “Miscellany Monday

  1. I am laughing about the water dispenser tray. I totally get it — I've wondered and wondered about that. And then cringed when I realized all that mineral and sediment is in our drinking water!

    Sorry about the guessing.


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