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(Manic) Miscellany Monday

Ran into a co-worker of Joshua’s/friend from church/wife of a colleague of mine at the Rite Aid tonight.  (Small town, so folks wear a lot of hats.)  She asked how I was and when I said I was tired, she told me I shouldn’t be since it’s my spring break.

I enlightened her that I had worked harder today than I work at school and told her to go home and tell her husband he should be working hard too since it’s Spring Break.

Spring Break just means it’s a chance to catch my breath before the big sprint to the finish.

So, as usual I’m trying to do too many things on too short amount of time.  Today I’ve been to CVS, Rite Aid, and Ingles.  I’m down to $12 in grocery money from now until the 15th and I’ve got a plethera of infant medications on my table for Joshua to put in a gift basket for another co-worker who’s expecting twins.  Better her than me.

So here’s some random thoughts from this manic Monday:

Apparently Motrin and Tylenol have stopped making infant products.  This is disheartening to a person such as myself who has unexpired coupons of high value.

I heart CVS.  They are so nice and easy to deal with and let me buy regular Pampers since they were out of Cruisers and still use my manufacturer and store coupons.  Yay, diapers.  I won’t be sad when I don’t have to work those deals anymore, though.  Okay, maybe I will, but only because that will mean my baby is getting so big I can’t stand it.

Joshua and his dad replaced our crappy, shabby, broken aluminum piece of —–ahem, got on a roll, there.  We got a new storm door.  Can you tell I have no feelings of regret for the old one?  I can’t believe the difference it made to the house.  Tomorrow I’ll post a pic so you can get the full effect.  We should have done this last year when the house was first listed.  It really is all about curb appeal.

I also finally framed some pictures.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll hang them on the wall, but let’s not get too crazy here.  You folks know how I feel about finishing projects.

I’m off to bed now so I can escape into my historical (smut Joshua says) novel about star-crossed lovers who can time travel.  Nothing like escapism.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “(Manic) Miscellany Monday

  1. i've had so much trouble finding infant's motrin these days. never at the grocery, cvs or rite-aid. not sure about the brand-name, but i managed to find some generic last time i was at target and last time i stopped in toys r us in athens.


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