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Project 52.14

I’ve lost track of what week it is and just had to pull the calender down and count to get back on track.  Story of my life.  Always regrouping.  Hopefully, though I’m learning at least a little discipline and a lot of patience with myself by trying to make this a weekly post.

Maybe someday I’ll succeed.

The girls and I have been hanging out a lot more together lately and the result of that is I’m exhausted.  Kudos to all who face motherhood without a partner.  It’s at best overwhelming.  Joshua’s been gone a lot lately with work (amazing how much they need from someone who’s ‘temporary’) and his volunteer positions and I’m trying not to grudge him the new avenues he’s trying.  So while he’s been busy with banker business and theater thriftiness, I’ve been trying to keep the girls engaged in life beyond the DVD player and Mommy’s frazzled nerves.

Here’s some highlights from the past couple of weeks.  And I know there are no pics of today’s adventures at the Payne Plantation, but I think those might be worthy of a whole other post.  Especially because I’m ready to call it quits for the night and don’t want to open up Picasa and deal with loading the ten thousand photos Kelsey-parazzi took.

Hunting Fairies at Magical Gardens on the Square
Convinced Hannah is a princess in training.
Beautiful Fairy Belle
Happy Birthday Ella!
The new door!

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