Making Wishes and Being Glad

I wish Annabelle wasn’t so stubborn.

But I’m glad to think that maybe that means she’ll be her own person and not a copy of someone else.

I wish my feet didn’t hurt after teaching all day.

But I’m glad I have feet to hurt and a job to do.

I wish Calley’s birthday cake was more aesthetically pleasing.

But I’m glad it tasted like chocolate fudge anyway.  and maybe I’ll post a picture later.

I wish I appreciated things more.

But I’m glad I recognize that I should. 

I wish Amelia would stay a little baby.

But I’m glad she’s healthy and happy.

I wish I could understand God more.

But I’m glad to know He’s there.

I wish I exercised more.

But I’m glad I have the opportunities I do.

I wish I had bought milk today.

But I’m glad the daycare center will give it to Amelia all day anyway.

I wish I could see the future.

But I’m glad I don’t know what’s coming.

For some more miscellany this Monday link up at lowercase letters or read about finding joy here.

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