Is that an Irregularity?

It’s the question of the week.

We’re giving the CRCT at school this week and are being very extra super careful to do everything exactly right.  This is very hard for a group of Type-A personalities….yeah, right.  

Everyone is so focused on making sure that nothing happens to cause any sort of testing malfunction that this morning when a thunderstorm erupted over the rooftops of our very quiet, very serious building, one of my students said, “Um, Mrs. Brackett?  Is the principal going to have to fill out a form about this?”

Well, actually she just might.  And what do we do if there’s a tornado warning?  These are the questions no one thinks to ask until the sirens are going off.  Except we thought of it during this storm, so now we have a testing in a tornado plan.

That’s right.  The test must go on. 

Seriously, though, my kids are doing really well.  They’re very focused until it’s over and then they’re a little hyper.  But not much else is new.  Teenagers don’t wake up until ten a.m. anyway.

I got Joshua good tonight, though.  See, those of you in the “real” world of business who get to leave for lunch and take unscheduled bathroom breaks can’t really relate to all this.  So when he asked me if I wanted to take in some of the girls’ Easter egg candy to give my students during the test, I told him very seriously that we were already providing candy that had been inspected and pre-approved and that I’d had to fill out a form for the state listing everything they were given so I couldn’t possibly take in contraband. 

He stared at me for a moment.  “Are you serious?”

As a standardized test under lock down in spring I am.

j/k…as my students would say, j/k!

3 thoughts on “Is that an Irregularity?

  1. OK, I can almost see the look on Joshua's face when you said that to him. I bet it was priceless!
    Jackson has me worried about how he's doing on the CRCT…. he told me this afternoon that it was really easy. I can't help but think that means he just isn't getting it!


  2. thank you for reminding me why i'm not teaching right now! i've been praying for all my teacher friends this week. you guys will make it! and by the way, what is the plan? get under your desk and finish your test on the floor?


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