thankful Thursday

It’s Never Too Late for Thankful Thursday

So I was too tired last night to link up a thankful post even though I’d had one floating around in my head all week.

Then I got home today and found a brown paper package in the mail from a little birdie who’s encouraging me to write more and I got motivated.

Some random thankfulness this week….

Easter eggs. The empty, plastic kind that are all over my floor and causing this precious moment…

that necessitated a quick grab of the camera and then the realization that removal of the lens cap is always a good idea.

Good books.  I’ve been time traveling with the Outlander series lately on recommendation of a friend at work and though it’s good escapism, let’s be honest.  It’s probably not making me a better person.  Even if I am learning more than I ever needed to know about eighteenth-century Scotland.  But during some quiet time at school this week I began One Thousand Gifts.  And had to stop immediately before I cried in front of my students.  Raw, emotional intensity right from the beginning.  The first chapter is entitled “an emptier, fuller life.”  Someday I hope so.  Now I can’t wait to dive into Bird by Bird and share some of my reflections with you.

(and hopefully some of that writing won’t take as long to compose as this post since I keep having to stop to rescue Amelia from the Sissy Monsters and then cuddle her for a minute while she demonstrates her latest skill–giving kisses!)

My husband.  I realize I don’t blog about Joshua all that much and he worries when I say I have written about him (smile) but he has been the reason I can find a moment to be thankful this week.  Lately I’ve been the busy one with rehearsals and meetings and efforts to squeeze in some exercise, so you would think my house is a wreck and my kids are surviving on pop-tarts.  Not so.  He’s made dinner (I’m buying steaks more often), given baths, cleaned the kitchen……and made me thankful God gave me him.

3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late for Thankful Thursday

  1. yay!!! you got it!!! can't wait to hear what you think… and this post has just encouraged me to start reading my own copy of One Thousand Gifts… just need to buckle down and finish that dang pride & prejudice…


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