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Looking Like Spring

A visible reminder that life comes from something so small and succeeds against all odds…like five-year old gardeners and excessive watering.

It was good to notice these small shoots of green on a morning like this as my beloved granddaddy waits in the cardiac care unit for a procedure that will hopefully solve the blood clot that caused his heart attacks on Friday night. 

This spring I am being renewed and reminded that among all the tragedies and burdens of life…so much beauty abounds.

Everyday we have a thousand gifts of love….even when they are hard to find.

27.  granddaddy’s silver hair so neatly combed
28.  his pants pressed crisp
29.  Aunt Kathy’s presence so Daddy isn’t alone
30.  spring magazines full of beauty

I started my list last week and in the early hours of Saturday after the call that shattered a tranquil night, I felt the challenge.  If we lose him, can I find the gift?  In that moment of fear and grief, what will I thank God for?

Heavy questions for such a light spring day.

One thought on “Looking Like Spring

  1. others may have overlooked this post, but one of your best. finding the gift in losing loved ones is a challenge at best. hope your grandfather is healing well.


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