Top 10 Ways to Spend Spring Break

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Last week was Spring Break.  But today they went back to school!

That’s called Mommy Break.

We had a good time last week though and I’ve been planning this post for that long!  Can you tell?

Top 10 Ways to Spend Spring Break
when you live in Georgia and it’s already almost 80 degrees before Easter
except tonight we’re in for a frost….

Play at the park with lots of friends!

Run through the new sprinkler.  With umbrellas.

Rest in the recliner after being exhausted by the sprinkler.
Have a sleepover and make rice krispie treats while wearing your bathing suits because you’ve been playing in the sprinkler again.
Eat all those rice krispie treats in one day.
Mommy may have helped some…
Dye eggs for Easter using only vinegar and food coloring.

Put together your first Legos set with Daddy even though he wonders why the girl version is not as much fun as the boy versions.

Celebrate Easter at the Sunrise Service and all day long.

Pick fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden for that Easter meal.  And turn those colored eggs into deviled eggs.

Spend your last day off with friends (though hitting them with your new magnifying glass isn’t the sweetest).
Hope you are having or have had a fabulous Spring Break!  We’re counting days now…20 at the most!
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Months in Photos

I gave up on my 365 project because I can’t remember on which days I took certain pictures.And I would hate to lie to myself.Instead I discovered A Month in Photos over atsimple as that
And of course, I’m already behind.But here’s February and Marchso now I’m all caught up.

In Februarywe celebrated Amelia’s 2nd birthday with a Pooh partyand my 32nd with birthday brownieswe did some acts of love and ate fondue for Valentine’s Joshua started a new job so he got a cake, toowe made a banner out of birthday cardsand ate popsicles on the porchBelle had a tonsillectomyand two ER visitsone for stitches in her chinFor such a short month, we sure were busy!

I can’t believe March is overand spring is here and soon we’ll be a family of six.We’ve been enjoying springKayden taught Amelia to shoot some hoopsBelle turned six and had a Hello Kitty party at the park despite the rainLeah Kate turned one and we celebrated with the BarksdalesI shopped the consignment saleand thank goodness, otherwise they’d be nakedJoshua planted the garden with lots of helpwell, sort of help anywaywe’ve already had an Easter celebration at churchand are trying out crazy hats because it’s already hot!
Maybe our April collage will feature a sweet baby boy….

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Looking Like Spring

A visible reminder that life comes from something so small and succeeds against all odds…like five-year old gardeners and excessive watering.

It was good to notice these small shoots of green on a morning like this as my beloved granddaddy waits in the cardiac care unit for a procedure that will hopefully solve the blood clot that caused his heart attacks on Friday night. 

This spring I am being renewed and reminded that among all the tragedies and burdens of life…so much beauty abounds.

Everyday we have a thousand gifts of love….even when they are hard to find.

27.  granddaddy’s silver hair so neatly combed
28.  his pants pressed crisp
29.  Aunt Kathy’s presence so Daddy isn’t alone
30.  spring magazines full of beauty

I started my list last week and in the early hours of Saturday after the call that shattered a tranquil night, I felt the challenge.  If we lose him, can I find the gift?  In that moment of fear and grief, what will I thank God for?

Heavy questions for such a light spring day.