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Imperfectly Perfect for Wednesday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve let you picture me imperfectly.  Not that there haven’t been lots of opportune moments for it in the past few weeks.
I don’t know.  Maybe it’s a talisman to ward off Daddy’s truck running over their bicycles?
But today I’m linking up in celebration of many imperfectly perfect motherhood moments.  Like this discovery when I undressed Amelia for her bath tonight.
Her daddy maintains that she lost the other purple sock on the way to church this evening and the truck ate it.  Since we’ve lost pacifiers that way, I don’t doubt his word.

On Mother’s Day, Ann Voscamp wrote about the mismatches and messes of motherhood and how we are all, thank God, covered in grace. 

“I haven’t got anything together and I can stop looking for some hidden door that’s going to someday open up to my real, perfect life and I can stop waiting and I can start laughing praise, because this wondrous mess, this is it.”

There is great joy in surrendering to the mess and the imperfections and the mismatched socks and the realization that if I had it all together, why would I ever need a Savior? 

Yet He tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made, these messes of glorious humanity.  And everyday I have to search for the perfection in the imperfect….and be so thankful for what I find.


3 thoughts on “Imperfectly Perfect for Wednesday

  1. Hailey wears mis-matched socks on purpose. Incase you didn't know, she's kinda quirky.
    I've been ABUNDANT in the “perfectly imperfect” area lately. Just can't seem to make any of it get to the blog.


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