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Weekend Run Around


It’s over.  And we survived.  And I fell asleep reading at 9 o’clock last night and hadn’t written in my journal or blogged or had quiet times or done the dishes or folded the laundry or swept the floor or packed the lunches.  But it’s over.

And the beauty of it all is, I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.  The weekend run around.  Here, there, and everywhere trying to make it to everything and keep everyone happy.  Or at least fed. 

We started last week really.  One Act Play festival at the community theatre.  Joshua and I keep doing this because it’s something we can do together….except then we never see each other so it’s really not working out. Might need some revising of that plan.  Friday night opener.  It was great, actually, but by Sunday afternoon I was really tired of teenagers.  Which is what I get for casting a play about high school students with a mix of middle and high schoolers.

Bright and early Saturday morning we bribed the girls with McDonald’s and it was pack up and head over to the yard sale my school was sponsoring as a fundraiser for a special needs camp.  It was successful in the grand scheme even if I did let go of a piece of furniture for only $20.  But it’s out of my house and that $20 will buy us admission to the water park in the very near future.

We broke from the yard sale briefly to head to sweet ballerina’s recital.  Pictures are worth a thousand words….

After the recital, Joshua took the girls up the hill to a birthday party for one of our favorite people and I headed back to finish the yard sale transactions.  All in all, I came home with about $75 profit, new decor, and pants for Madelynne to wear in the fall that do not have holes in the knees….yet.  Maybe next year, we should market it as a yard sale swap since most of my funds came from fellow sellers.

After a brief afternoon crash by this mommy and this sweet baby–

It was back to theatre and readying for Mother’s Day.  Guess what I was surprised with on Sunday morning?  I’m linking it here so you can get your own because I may not share!  All in all, a crazy weekend, but a life-joy-sweetness-delight-thankful weekend.  I just don’t want to do it again any time soon.

One thought on “Weekend Run Around

  1. love the ballet photos! what fun. sounds like you had one of those weekends where you are looking forward to a blank square popping up on your calendar soon.


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