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(trying) to avoid the Manic

I hate when I get so behind that everything feels like a chore.  Blogging is supposed to be my release, my spread wings, my therapy.  I don’t like for it to be something I feel like I have to do.  Like the laundry.  Or the dishes.  Or brushing Amelia’s teeth, which FYI, we forgot to do again. 

Oh, well.

My sisters are begging for an update on all random things Brackett since for the past week I hosted my 8-weeks-older than Annabelle niece, Hailey….

Here she is.  Princess of the Stephens family.  Also known as Lava Girl.

and my 15-year-old-I’m-glad-I’m-not-her-mother sister, Audrey. 

Here’s Audrey enjoying some fine literature provided by her nieces.

It was VBS week and they always come.  It’s tradition, Audrey says.  Like macaroni and cheese at Easter. 

We had a fun, extremely busy, week.  And I found out that I’m glad I only have three kids.  Five is too many for this manic mama.  If someone wasn’t crying, they were fighting because three girls never works.  And someone always needed a popsicle, or a dry set of clothes, or a nap.  And they turned their noses up at my Pioneer Woman chicken spaghetti.  Seriously, what’s wrong with these kids?

To be fair, I should insert here that it was Annabelle who cried the most because she did not want “green things” in her spaghetti.  Spaghetti is red.  Lesson learned.  Next time, I’ll call it Mexican pasta.  After all, what’s in a name?

Here’s a little look at our fun times this past week and an answer to your question of where I’ve been.  I know you’ve all been wondering. 

Millie Moo napping on the deck of our friends’ pool.
Popsicles in the pool. 

Aunt Audrey giving Amelia her first water slide ride.

Tacky Tourist day at VBS.  Which I was informed meant they could wear whatever they wanted.

My living room on Tuesday afternoon.

The office on Tuesday afternoon before some major work.  It looks about 10% better now.

Playing in the sand at the state park beach.

Exhausted by Friday afternoon.

Playing with Moto at Uncle Corey’s campsite on Saturday.

Sliding Rock.  Belle’s only trip down into the 50 degree water.

Daddy and Madelynne trying it out.

“I’m n-n-n-not c-c-c-cold!”

Letting Amelia play.  Crazy kid loved it.

You know what?  I do feel better now.  Even chores can be therapeutic….

finding the glory in the mundane…on my way to 1000 gifts
#114  ooey gooey olive cheesebread
#115 Audrey playing Bananagrams
#127 5:45 a.m.
#133 children around my neck
#135 finding the lost box of summer clothes
#136 Annabelle cleaning her plate
#144 quiet hum of convenience

2 thoughts on “(trying) to avoid the Manic

  1. what a fun (read exhausting) week you've had! i took the easy way out this week and didn't really do a true update…mostly because i don't have any photos to go along with!

    hope you guys are enjoying your daddy days this week!


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