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How Much I Love the Beach

I love the beach so much I am willing to drive 5+ hours in a minivan by myself with three kids.  Obviously I learned nothing from last time.

I love it so much I’m going to stop in Augusta for reinforcements, aka Aunt Kelsey and all her paraphinalia.

I love the beach enough to agree that Mama and Audrey can ride back with me and bring the new dog.  I’m not really a fan of dogs in my car.  Max may have to ride on the roof.  Except now Linda and Glad are gasping and will never speak to me again.  just kidding….

I love the beach so much that I’m putting aside the guilty twinges of leaving Joshua here alone with a fridge full of leftovers and a que list on netflix.

I love the beach.

But I love blogging too, so don’t miss us too much while we’re gone, if anyone out there actually reads this semi-regularly.  I tried to post a counter so I could be all cool like Kim, but it didn’t work.  I think God knows I need to be writing for myself and Him first and not caught up in whether or not others care.  Working on that…

Speaking of, if you did need a Brackett randomness fix, I’m guest posting over at Julia’s on Friday.

and I might hack my mom’s computer some this week to give you a beach update. 

(we’re not in Hawaii of course, but I’m so excited to get my toes in some beach sand we might as well be)

2 thoughts on “How Much I Love the Beach

  1. I'm over here after reading your guest post on Julia's blog. Your husband's name is Joshua?? So is mine!!! So cool. 🙂

    I'm going to have to browse your blog now…hope you're having a great time at the beach! 🙂 Blessings!


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