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Thankful Thursday

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There are so many blog posts bouncing around in my muddled brain right now that I figured I’d stick with something tried and true for my one and only post this week.

I know that makes some of you so sad.  Where are the Bracketts?  Has mommy finally cracked?  No…..we’ve just managed to fill our last three weeks of summer with events that take me far away from my landlocked computer.  Oh, how I miss my laptop.

Complaining aside, so many gifts to be thankful for this week.  I’m nearing 400 on my list of 1000 gifts but I could have so many more if I stopped in every moment to write them down.  Beauty and love and this messy life are all around and it’s not hard to count the grace.

Though sometimes in the midst of my girls not putting on shoes before we tried to leave for the park or Amelia shrieking like a banshee because I strapped her into the grocery buggy or Walmart not having the yogurt I wanted, it does get hard and I forget.  So before I leave for the MOPS conference and turn them loose on their daddy (I told the girls I had to go learn to be a better mommy), I wanted to take a minute to count our many blessings.

Like these crazy gals who spent two days in the Pisgah National Forest with Madelynne, Belle, and me.  (We decided Amelia wasn’t ready for girls-only-camping.)

This was taken after we did this….so thankful for natural wonders.

We’re heading back up to Asheville in a few days for a family mini-vacation, so Joshua will get to slide down the “big rock into freezing cold water” as described to him by the girls.

I’m also thankful that I chose a long and windy road to travel for this journey, so that when I had to pull over to fix Belle in her carseat so she could sleep better, I got to drink this in….

It’s hard to be mad about having to stop when this is the view.

Have a wonderful Thursday and link up with Julia and share your thankfulness.

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