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The Twirlwind

Lately life does feel like I’ve been on one of those twirly rides that make you a little sick but you get on anyway and laugh your way through it.

In the past seven days I’ve been to three states, slept on the ground and at the Opryland Hotel, eaten M&Ms at two a.m., line danced in downtown Nashville, swam in a waterfall, and bared (a bit) of my soul.

It’s been great, but I think I’d like to get off now.  I’m tired.  But that’s probably because I took the girls to the water park today and still have receipts to put in the checkbook, dinner to heat (yay leftovers!), and lines to study before rehearsal.


Yeah, I thought I wasn’t busy enough since I’m full-time staying home so I auditioned for The Diary of Anne Frank at the community theater.  I’ll be Mrs. Frank.  Hospitable Jewish housewife who struggles to understand her second daughter.  Sounds just like me.  Minus the Jewish part.  And I’m working on hospitable, as in, I’ll let you in, just don’t look in my laundry room or sink.  And beverages are sometimes limited to apple juice and pink Sunny D.

So this is on top of being the publicity coordinator for my MOPS group, which is why I spent four awesome days in Nashville learning how to be a better mommy.  That’s the story I gave my girls for why I was gone.  They don’t think it worked since I came home and promptly broke all ten “mom stress reliever” tips I learned in a seminar with the incredible Jill Savage.  I did, however, write down all the great ways she said to learn to say “no” and I’m going to start using them.  Except…I’ve already committed myself to MOPS and youth Sunday School, but I’m going to try this whole “just say no” thing next time somebody asks for something.

Really.  I am.

‘Cause this mom’s cup is already full and about to spin out of control.

If you’re interested check back later this week for more on the MOPS 2011 conference and how you can join my group or start your own.  If you’re not interested in that, just come back for some more stories about my chaotic random life.

2 thoughts on “The Twirlwind

  1. I want to know about mops….I could use just one mommy stress reliever!

    Call me anyway….you know I have news to share with you!


  2. definitely learning about the beauty of the word “no” these days. sounds like your twirly ride has been fun though! love that you're doing the local theatre… wish i could see you perform!


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